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Tue, Feb 23


Those who wish to participate will be notified separately of how to participate.

Furoshiki Tsutsumi matsuri Festival

On February 23 (Tuesday / holiday), "Furoshiki Tsutsumi Festival" will be held online in honor of "Furoshiki Day". From Asakusa's tea room "Shinshin-an", you can also experience the Furoshiki course, Furoshiki cafe, Furoshiki test announcement, elegant Japanese dance and healing tea ceremony. Participation is OK from the beginning to the end, or part of it. We will show you the professional Japanese dance and tea ceremony, so we will charge a little participation fee. Whether you have touched the furoshiki or not, please come and visit us.

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Furoshiki Tsutsumi matsuri Festival
Furoshiki Tsutsumi matsuri Festival


Feb 23, 2021, 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Those who wish to participate will be notified separately of how to participate.


Next month, February 23 (Tuesday / holiday), "Furoshiki Tsutsumatsuri", an event of Furoshiki and Japanese culture, where you can see the tea ceremony and Japanese dance, mainly on Furoshiki Day, will be delivered online. We are planning with friends ♪

Inabalier, a furoshiki messenger, tells us the fun of furoshiki at the furoshiki cafe.

Sakura Chida, a friend of Furoshiki, will announce the "Furoshiki Tenugui Test" with everyone at Musubiya ♪

Mr. Toin High School of Japanese dance will perform a wonderful Japanese dance.

Professor Munesa Okouchi, a professor of the tea ceremony, will show us a beautiful presentation.

Tsutsumi is planning to work with Tomoko Otaki on wrapping methods that are not usually done and wrapping requests from everyone. If time permits, I will also introduce "Furoshiki Tea Ceremony".

There are many events where you can see Japanese dance and tea ceremony, mainly in the furoshiki, from the healing tea room "Shinshin-an" by Professor Okouchi.

Everyone, from 13:00 to 15:00 on February 23 (Tuesday / holiday), please join us at the "Furoshiki Tsutsu Matsuri" where you can experience Furoshiki and Japanese culture while staying at home.

* Although it is free on the event page, we are planning to charge a small participation fee as we will show you professional Japanese dance and tea ceremony. Participation is free for both through and part ♪


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