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Tea room Zero

In the tea room ...

It is composed of various first-class traditional crafts such as casting, ceramic art, bamboo art, joinery, lacquering, calligraphy, flowers, Japanese sweets, tea, kaiseki, tatami mats, and architecture.

Those real vibrations touch our chords

The essence of Japanese culture, which has been handed down and protected as continuous cotton, is put in the tea room and shakes our DNA ... Therefore, the tea room heals and enhances people.


"Why the tea ceremony was popular during the Warring States period"

As the name suggests, the Warring States period is a warrior era, so it is a samurai society. However, in the samurai society, not everything is decided by battle, and there are many people in the samurai world who want to acquire culture, status, and sociability and lead an elegant and rich life. The feelings of these people are the same now and in the past. The place to improve the culture, proof of status, and sociability of such samurai was the tea ceremony and the specialty tea ware that they possess.

By enjoying the tea ceremony and learning etiquette, you can show your high level of education, and you can also improve your sociability while deepening exchanges with the people who participated in the tea ceremony. Also, at that time, the reward for making a credit was given with a tea set, so having a famous tea set could show that he was a powerful samurai. In this way, it was the tea ceremony and tea ware that played an important role in raising the motivation of the samurai during the Warring States period.

Tea room Zero

    • サイズ



    • 重量:38kg
    • 段ボール壁4枚、畳2枚、越前和紙1枚、軸、短冊、さざれ石、組み立て小物一式





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